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Today might be a turning point, in a sense.









立ち直ってもさ、痛いんだぜ? 普通。


There is a Peltier shop on the first basement (what is called `Depachika') of Hanshin department store. The renewal of the shop has been finished! Various types of bread that are very delicious and several kind of cakes were sold, and in this renewal a new type of sandwich is added to its shelves. The corner of bread is extended, and the number of types they sell gets larger.

A special brand-new sweet which commemorates this opening sold for \1,000, and I ended up purchasing one. I ate it just now. It tastes wonderful, with plenty of almond decorated on its surface and the base of biscuit. It's reasonable in price.

Anyway, a chain of renewals of the area seems to be almost completely finished. Wittamer, Konigs Krone, and Peltier, therefore, are gathered just in the area. I'm interested in the future of the site of a hot battle :)




It's been a cold day. Phew. It seems that autumn is come, don't you think?

Well, whatever, I wish I could afford to write this diary at ease. How should I do ... What? Who are you!? What are you doing here? Stop, hey, wa sto



a government's role

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.


A government's role is only to provide defence capability and urban infrastructure (roads, water supplies, etc.). All other services (education, health, social security) should be provided by private groups or individuals in the community.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should write at least 250 words.


I think that a government's genuine role is to provide the environments, at least needed in order to live decent lives. What should be provided by a government is not only defense capability and urban infrastructure, but also education, health, social security, and so on.

To begin with, communities absolutely need the help of governments, at the minimum level of standards of living. Take the situation where almost nothing is provided by a government. Education not given, naturally enough, there should be lots of people who haven't experienced any education. A few educated may have difficulty in communicating with the others. They have no common knowledge, so they will get plenty of troubles. This doesn't achieve the aim of a government. This is the case of the lack of social security as well.

On the other hand, what happens in the cases where governments provide services too adequately? Members of communities must also have a lot of problems. Because respectable life is guaranteed, probably they aren't eager either to improve their own life, or to advance it at further level. The number of those who are unemployed will get larger and larger. Most members of a community are in boredom, and the productivity may fall greatly. The community should get progressively still less competent.

In conclusion, a government must provide various services at the minimum level of standards of living, but mustn't too much. After these conditions are met, private groups or individuals can act eagerly in the areas in which they are respectively interested. Extreme policies, whether they direct to high level or low, cannot result in producing good situations for every one.



sequence of mock exams

Today we took again a mock exam all day. Got tired. Tired. Tired. Whew ...

What is worse, however, I'll take mock exams in almost every week, from now on. In next weekend we have one, and in the weekend after next, we fortunately have no mock exams, but instead we have the midterm exams. In addition, in November, I have 3 mock exams for Tokyo University on each weekend. Incredible ;(

Incidentally, keep it strictly secret that in today's lunch break I visited the server room next to the computer room for playing with some persons, and I got a cup of tea and some sweets, please :)




The illustrator of the former is the artist Takano, as usual. And naturally enough, the postcard was distributed up. Thank you very much, the shopgirl who did her best. Waaa.

By the way, I shouldn't use the expression "Oh, my God!" which give me the impression that only Christian can use it, should I? It is so closely related to the language English that it might be unnatural for me not to use it when writing/speaking English, I suppose.

an admission ticket to the IELTS exam

Today I received the admission ticket to the IELTS(International English Language Testing Service) exam that is held on 27 Octorber. I laughed bit because the size is A4.

This exam consists of 4 modules, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. I think I can somehow deal with Listening and Reading, but not the others. I don't have a good idea about it...