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Naru, "the star dust"

It seems that today the total running time of Naru on my desktop, since the change to 80% normal wear shell, got over 1000 hours. It would be far nicer to be able to make sure of Kusumi's current activity, but all I can do is to wait. I don't have to hurry.


そういえば年賀状は `間違い探し' だったそうですよ、ちなみに。

Passing Through

Today my mother, sister and I went to Osaka Temmangu Shrine, where Sugawara-no-Michizane the Scholarly God is dedicated, to take a ritual called `Passing Through (`通り抜け' in Japanese).' In the phrase there is a play on words, with `pass' meaning both `passing exams' and `passing through the sanctuary of the shrine'. My sister and I prayed to the God that we'll pass the entrance exams, and bought some more pencils whose divine grace helped me in the former Center Examinations.


始まることも 終ることも

きっと同じだね きっと同じだね


科目名 得点
英語 191
国語 I・II 171
数学 I・A 97
数学 II・B 88
物理 I・B 96
化学 I・B 94
地理 B 83
現代社会 85
計 (800 点満点) 728






1 年間準備して本気で挑んだ地理が 83 で。

問題見たことも無かった現代社会が 85 みたいなんですけど?



あなたが僕たちと 歩こうとしないだけ







Off Course



the warmth

It seemes that God didn't abandon this poor e-ma-lacking boy.

Yaaa, I've got e-ma!!

A lady, who is the mother of one of my friends and, to my honour, read this diary, sent a lot of e-ma to me. I couldn't beleive my eyes when I opened the parcel. I was very surprised, but at once felt great happiness. I have no words to express my gratitude for her kindness. I can never thank her enough.

This help saved my life. Now given such a kindness, I cannot fail in the exams. I must try hard and hard, and surely I can.


不安なつまらなさ etc.


Yesterday and today, I took some lectures of math at Kyoto University. The lectures are named the Introduction to Modern Mathematics for working members of society and high school students, as the New Year special course. As I took the course last year, I received the notice of it. The notice said that the course came to end this year although I think the course is very valuable, so I decided to take it none the less for the schedule.

The topics were as follows: the Introduction to Topology, topics concerning ζ, topics around the fundamental theorems in differential and integral calculus, and the Introduction to Knots. All lectures were interesting, but especially the last one deserved special mention. The lecturer of it is Gerard van der Geer, Professor of Algebra in Universiteit van Amsterdam. He spoke in English (Prof. Ueno simultaneously did interpretation, though). Although allowing for our English listening ability he spoke slowly and cleary enough for us to understand the lecture, I guess I could know what the lecture in English is like a little better.

Ah, of course, there was Mr. Oka(the Physics teacher in my school) :-). He treated us to a lunch. Thanks a lot for treating all the time. I also enjoyed conversations in a small tea party to the full. It was surely good experience.


んー。あれれ? ダメかも。



投稿者:ハリマ王 投稿日:2002/12/07(Sat) 21:24:56 No.0457


( ゜.゜) ポカーン




Today we had an opening ceremony of the term. I went to school for the first time in this year. After the ceremony, we got some instructions regarding entrance exams, and that's all today. It is the day after the Center Examinations that we're supposed to go to school next time.

And some of my friends and I went and took a look at Konan University, where we're going to sit the Center Examinations. (I suppose the seniors'd took it at Kobe University.) If you don't mind my saying so, I felt the campus of Konan University much smaller than I've imagined. It mightn't actually, I wonder.


not even one e-ma in my sphere of activity ... There is not a trace left anywhere of its existence.




Give me e-ma!!

Well, e-ma (or rather, e-ma nodoame, not E-MA building!) is my favorite drops. In my bag, I always keep all three types of it: Citrus Mint, Grape Mint, and Herb Mint. I'll take explaining its charm up some other time, but anyway, it is no exaggeration to say that it've fairly supported my study for the examinations. It is one of the necessities of life.

BUT. How horrible, e-ma suddenly vanished, at least from my sight. I went shopping as usual because of few number of e-ma in my bag, but I found no e-ma. No e-ma? What're you saying? You could've find it anywhere, coudn't you? -- Yes, but actually there was no e-ma, in any convenience stores and any supermarkets on the way home. It's unbelievable, but it actually is. Goodness me, how should I live from now on?

Give me eeee-mA!!!




It was true that hot water was not running, and eventually we had to give up taking bath yesterday. We called the administration centre and had a repairman mend the water tap.

Although the inconvenience of no hot water has been dispelled as a result, I somehow regret having got rid of it inconsiderately. In a sense, it reminded us of important things. We are too used to the availability of everything, and don't think about what will happen when what we think is available every time get unavailable some time. We might need a bit more time of the inconvenience.

Ah, still, it is really hard work to run about for repairing in the begging of New Year. I cannot help pitying the repairman, but I will not work on such days no matter what :-).


ぼくゾルギア。育ちざかりの 12 万さい。

After all,

I've written 85 New Year greeting postcards in this year, perhaps.

let me see ...

Now I hear my mother saying that we can get no hot water through the tap.

... Are you kidding?



New Year's Day

A Happy New Year!

And I dedicate the illustration on the homepage to ABE Hekiro.

on the way home

I don't know why, but I turned around. It was a lot of stars, which I can't see at all in the well-lighted city I live in, that there was.

To my some astonishment, I didn't remember any names of stars, but I could recognize Orion clearly (at the moment I couldn't remember even this name, though).

I felt them very beautiful. Simply beautiful. I'd seen the same stars at the same place many many times, but I had never felt them so beautiful.

I kept looking at the dark sky without any words, until my father said to me that it was about time for a train to come. I followed him. When I looked up to the sky from an illuminated platform in the station, I cound no longer find any stars.