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科目名 大まかな予想 都合の良い感触 満点
センター 100 100 110
国語 40-60 50 80
数学 50-80 65 120
物理 30-50 35 60
化学 40-50 40 60
英語 70-100 80 120
計 (550 点満点) 330-440 370 550



It depends on the time, the situation, and my feeling ;)









a farewell party

A great historical event which can't be described by the Law of Conservation of Mass occured while talking over lunch :)

And then, my high school days practically came to end.







Today is the first Takoyaki Day in a long time.

I hope you'll have few troubles in your family.


Didn't I tell you so?

without a hitch

The admission ticket to the first entrance exam alright arrived at my home about noon yesterday. It gave me a little relief, for I was uneasy about whether I had really made no mistakes in the Center Examinations. I'll have some peace of mind for the time being.

St. Valentine's Day?

Well, I don't like, ah, sort of chocolate very much.

... So what?

writing order of the Greek alphabet

I've long wondered how to write characters of the Greek alphabet, whenever I saw teachers write them on a blackboard in their own way. Come to think of ζ or ξ, I have not been able to even guess the way I write them.

It seems that in the Internet there is less information about it than I expected. Though still few documents written in Japanese, I found some. For instance, here it is, but it says that there seems to be various ways of writing them, too ... phew.



blitz (2)

Let me give some supplementary explanation.

I've recently read a text that there is nothing new in River's End and it is just a rehash of what is called the grand momumental landmark, Evangelion. It said that to overcome various difficulties around serious psychological wounds children got in their past is the same theme as was described in Eva. He said he felt lazy in the middle owing to the similarity and gave up reading it halfway.

I, however, thought not so. Well, I mightn't be able to deny the similarity, but should it been the same theme, then it's lazy? How ludicrous. If he really thinks so, I cannot help thinking that he was badly influenced by Eva. There wouldn't be any reason to write some new story if there was no point in writing it if its theme was written in another story before, because almost all themes described these days have already been described before. Even Eva is not an exception. The matter is not what the theme is, but how the author describes it. He should've learnt this fact from Eva.




Between you and me, I didn't care about River's End itself as a story at all. It might be an exaggeration, but if it hadn't been illustrated by Takano, it wouldn't have had any reason for extistence to me. Someone said that he bought it because he could get several illustrations of Takano if only he bought it for the price of one paperback, and that it would be more profitable to buy it than to buy a Takano's Dojin-shi.

River's End as a story, however, have been getting significant to me. At first I just read it only due to the necessity of enjoying the illustrations, but now I don't. Hashimoto not only vividly but calmly and kindly desccribes children's feelings that we've experienced or are experiencing, but we don't know what it is exactly. And, it's important, his viewpoint is like our ones, or mine. I feel close to what I think he wants to describe in this story, and look forward to the finale of the next volume.

By the way, according to a booklet inserted into the paperback, the front cover of the next Dengeki hp published on 18th is illustrated by Takano! Wow! Plus, they sell the mouse pad with Takano's illust of River's End on it to mail-order customers!! (only 100 pads, though) I must make an order for it at once!! (Is this really the text that a student preparing for entrance exams writes? ...)


奴の名はスパルタン X

a ceremony

Thanks a lot and good bye, Nada.



I got a illustrated postcard of `Kino's journey' at the counter on the 8th floor of Asahi-ya bookstore, but I don't need it ... unless it's illustrated by Takano.



So What?

R is the first. `We've recently got to spend more time chatting with family or friends?', R said. Everyone on the scene, including myself, agreed about it.

Today, talking over lunch for hours (it's a kind of custom these days), K said `I didn't know that chatting with friends is pleasant like this.' Everyone on the scene agreed, too.

After lunch, I came back to my classroom, where today I took the last lesson in this school. There were a few friends of mine chatting. T, one of them, said that we should study, but it seemed that what he said didn't equal to what he really thought. They went on chatting, eventually.


Ugh. Against my better judgement, ...

The masterpiece Winning Bird is as coool as ever!!


しあわせは雲の上に しあわせは空の上に

a catastrophe

I completely lost words and my mouth dropped open, when I saw the headline at the top of the front page of today's Asahi Shimbun.

To us, the generation who've grown up with it, Space Shuttle is a kind of symbol. Once I, like most of scientific-minded people, was one of those who are very interested in the universe. I'd often read illustrated guidebooks to scientific subjects, and dream of the future in which we would live in space colonies between Earth and Mars, or might communicate with extraterristrial life. When my father told me that there is a network called `the Internet' and had me see the web site www.nasa.gov, I was impressed the fact that a PC in my house was connected with one in NASA I admired. Though now I don't have interest specially in the universe, Space Shuttle is more and more very significant as the symbol of my admiration to space developing projects from my childhood.

This accident will surely put not only NASA but all space developing projects in the world into much tighter position, but I never hope they'll break down. I hope they learn many things from this accident and develop more.

I pray the 7 crews' soul may rest in peace.




The second one is what I mentioned before.

That's that. I have a simple question. Why, ah, why can I not find Takano (hah, now I've learnt the URL and the title rather by heart ...) in the list of Magi-Cu illustrators? At this rate I cannot but doubt that the next one will have his pages. Now, should I add even Magi-Cu to the list of worthless magazines? It barely relieve me that there is a rumour that River's End vol.4 is to be published on 10th Feb, I suppose. (What? In this situation there is no time for reading such a book, you say?)